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What to Look for in a Car Seat

Five-Point HarnessA five-point harness secures your child in the seat with straps that buckle across the chest and at the hips. A three-point harness only offers protection across the chest. Infant Car Seat BaseAs mentioned above, many infant car seats include a base and a seat. The base is attached to the car with a […]
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Safety Standard

If you're in a vehicle, a car seat is the safest place for Baby. But even the best seat loses its ability to protect your child if it is not installed correctly. The NHTSA estimates that over 85 percent of car seats are not properly installed. To alleviate this problem, several government organizations and car seat manufacturers are […]
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Car Seat Basics

There are three types of car seats—infant seats, convertible seats, and booster seats. This guide focuses predominantly on infant and convertible seats. Infant Seats: Also called baby or infant carriers, infant seats are positioned facing backwards (rear-facing) in your car and are designed for infants weighing up to 20 to 22 pounds. Many infant seats come […]
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Car Seats Buying Guide

The most frequently asked question by parents is, "Which is the Safest Child Safety Seat?" The universally accepted principle is that the safest child restraint system is one that fits your child, your vehicle and your budget. The universally accepted principle also adds that the safest car seat is one that you will use correctly every time […]
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Selecting the Appropriate Carseat for Your Child

There is no single best car seat for every child or vehicle.  It can be very confusing to decide what type of carseat to buy, or which features are important. Our Carseat Buying Guide can help you learn about many features and has links to other websites with specific recommendations.  Specific recommendations are a great starting point, […]
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Car Seat Safety Features

There are a number of features which can improve the safety of a car seat.  All current car seats meet existing government safety requirements and pass standard crash tests.  Some go beyond that. The safest, perfect seat for every child and vehicle simply does not exist.  On the other hand, there are some important features […]
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